5 Crazy Myths About Employer Branding You Should Ignore

5 Crazy Myths About Employer Branding You Should Ignore


Employer Branding, once a fluffy, hollow, and ambiguous term has now become the epitome of talent-hungry organisations. With the rise of companies who eagerly try to convey their employer brand to the job market and position themselves as an employer of choice, many interpretations of “what is employer branding” have skewed the employer branding definition.

Crushing some of the most common myths revolving around this buzzword will help you to set actions that will benefit your employer branding and recruitment initiatives. Let’s get started!


Myth 1: Employer branding is the same as showing office pictures on social media


While social media plays a vital role in showing the culture and values of your organisation, simply posting pictures of the Christmas party of events alone will not help you in attracting talent.  There has to be a plan and there should be a clear definition of the candidates (candidate personas) you wish to target.

One of my personal favourites is the #WeAreCisco hashtag Cisco has uses to share their company culture. Rather than just posting office pictures, this hashtag is widely used by Cisco employees who share their voice and experiences on social media and makes Cisco look like a really cool and interesting place to work at. Another thing that gets me excited over this initiative is that you can actually see how a day in the life as Cisco employee looks like.

The employee-generated content that roams there on Twitter is engaging, compelling, and entices me to click on. Keep in mind, that potential candidates will go through numerous touchpoints with your brand before they decide to apply. Using social media to be transparent and show the human side of your employer brand is key in attracting future talent.


Myth 2: You can only be authentic by only sharing user-generated content


Well, no. It’s true that this type of content is cheaper to create and it will add to the authenticity of an employer brand it shouldn’t be the only type of content to make you stand out. Being authentic means that whatever type of content you or someone share about your organisation it should genuine, honest, and more importantly true to your employer brand.

The Cisco hashtag is a prime example of user-generated content, but there are plenty of other ways to exhibit your organisation’s authenticity in a more formal and professional way as well. For instance, BNP Paribas APAC hosted the Sustainable Future Forum in Paris this year. A rather formal CSR event for a very noble cause.

The connotation and the context of this event are a bit more formal and this how the tweets and messages regarding the event look like too. This is a great example of an organisation that shows a part of their employer brand through CSR activities from which the content is mainly shared by higher-ups.

The key takeaway from debunking this myth is that everyone needs to be on board to give the employer brand of the organisation various perspectives so you can reach a wider audience.


Myth 3: An Employer Brand and the Employer Value Proposition are one and the same thing


At Talent Brandly, we know that both terms are hard to define but in our experience, we can see there is a fundamental difference between the two. The employer value proposition alludes to all the tangible and intangible things about your company that current and future employees value.

There are probably many reasons why employees value your organisation and all those reasons are encapsulated in your, you guessed it, employer brand. Take smartphones as an example.

There are hundreds of features that make a smartphone awesome but it rarely happens that they will buy it because of the SnapDragon chipset it’s being shipped with. Instead, they tend to buy the smartphone because of the brand that encapsulates all these features. You can view the EVP as all the smartphone features, and the Employer Brand as the brand.


Myth 4: An Employer Brand is Developed and Communicated by Management Only


This one really grinds my gears. This myth practically goes against everything we believe in since real authentic employer brands derive from the voices of the people that working in a given organisation.

While Senior Executives may have an idea on what their people and potential candidates feel about the company, the reality is that it’s the majority of your workforce that create the unique culture and work experience at your company. By listening closely to the voices of your people and measuring the “temperature” of your company culture you are able to take action.

And by that, I mean that in order to attract the right candidates for your organisation you will have to embed the voices and perceptions of your workforce in the way you communicate with prospective candidates. When candidates apply because they feel attracted to this company culture you will enjoy significantly lower retention rates and talent acquisition costs as there is a clear match from the beginning onwards.


Myth 5: Employer Branding Has a Start and a Finish


It certainly has a start! However, a true employer brand is not 100% set in stone. As your workforce grows and your services or product lines expand your employer brand expands as well.

Performing regular health checks and by assessing the culture in a timely fashion will help you to identify how the perceptions of your employees change over time. As a result, your employer brand will have to change along with those changes as well.

There are plenty of other misconceptions about employer branding and the way it can help attract the right candidates but I think this article has covered the most important ones.

I could go on and on about common myths and what doesn’t work but I prefer to get to know you and your organisation and see how we at Talent Brandly can help you to achieve your recruitment goals by doing what works for you. 

Lets start a new project!

Don’t make a revolution, join the talent evolution. Think outside the box and start today using forefront employer branding solutions.


  1. Andrej Mitas

    Great article. I would add another common myth, that employer brand needs to be built only by internal employees without the help of external brand development agency because of cultural insights. Lately I’ve seen a lot of employer branding “experts” in companies, who had shallow experience with this type of projects and they came up with really terrible wording of values and EVPs that didnt match the tone of voice and company culture. Anyway, keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Adriano Corso

      Hi Andrej,
      thanks for taking the time to comment on our blog. We really appreciate it.
      As matter of fact, we wrote a new blog post that is in line with what you are saying. Here’s the link: https://www.talentbrandly.com/company-culture-your-best-recruiter/

      We firmly believe that the real employer branding competitive advantage can be obtain by giving a “voice” to the employees and allow them to shape the company culture altogether.


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