6 Most Used Recruitment Marketing Services

You’ll agree with us when we say that recruitment marketing services can often be overwhelming and you never know which one is the most suitable. 

Companies offer a wide range of recruitment marketing services that, most of the time, do not suit your current needs or not bring results.

That’s why it is essential to have a general overview of the most used recruitment marketing services, and here is a preview of those services.

Brand Design

In this world, everything is a story. Help brands discovering their most humanly captivating logo narrative plays a vital role.

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression. Make a name for your business and fill a niche.

From logo design to video production, you can improve your image and keep it up-to-date regarding all the modern tendencies. Entrust your product to experts, and you’ll see the difference!

Services like re-branding and brand new communication strategies are often chosen by companies wishing to change their positioning. 

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” Seth Godin – Marketing Guru

Website Development

Attract and Converts with faster and easy-to-use websites for any niche.

That’s what your web design is all about!

To achieve great results, you need to use fresh design approaches and best practices to present your business, products or services at your best.

Usually, a website development process takes no more than 45 working days. Frequently providers create any content for you, from graphics to text, and manage it effectively throughout the site and social media.

Also, custom integrations of existing or new modules to the website, from analytics to call tracking is part of the service.

Thanks to extensive experience and technological possibilities, you can develop a bright and useful website with a modern design.

90-100% in page speed tests and all the needed tools and technologies for successful search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization and Google Positioning

Although SEO is a very convoluted discipline, it is probably the one that brings long-lasting results.

For your site to be visible on the Internet, you need promotion. Leave the nuances to the experts. 

You want to benefit from SEO packages that will significantly improve your website ranking. 

A technical SEO audit is a detailed analysis of the site in order to identify technical errors. Your website is analyzed for a variety of parameters that directly or indirectly affect the number of targeted visitors from organic search.

As a result of the audit, you receive not just a list of shortcomings, but full-fledged terms of reference and recommendations.

Always ask for track records results and how those results can be implemented to your business type. Usually, the competitive analysis is the starting point for drafting the initial strategy

90% of users start their search using either Google or other search engines, making SEO more important than ever. Especially when it comes to attracting talent and increasing the number of organic applications as well as generating more leads.  

Imagine your content ranking on the first page of Google, and as a result, is being clicked by an audience of passive and active leads eager to know more about your company. Or even better that you generate more leads organically with zero costs.

Content Marketing

Content is king. A top-notch copy can have a huge impact and boost sales while increasing brand awareness.

Text content is much more than just words put into a sentence.

If you want to achieve top business results, start with writing quality content that your customers want to read!

That includes all text-related tasks and create high web copies, press releases, brochures, and content for advertising. 

Compelling web copy written by our professional copywriters will boost your sales. Text content will have a significant impact on the industry you work in. Increase brand awareness with proficient articles, guest posts, press releases, and other relevant material.

For more than five years, we’ve been working with both small businesses and well-known brands. Writing compelling content to meet any business needs is our strong suit.

Our content marketing and SEO team were able to test the strategy effectiveness with an increase of 30% of inbound leads monthly and created SEO optimized content that rank within the top 3 on Google.

Inbound and Marketing Automation

Boost your efficiency, reduce your workload, and increase the engagement using the power of marketing automation.

Less push and more pull. That’s the mantra to attract and convert leads today.

Leads do their research and go through nearly 18 touch-points before they decide to interact with your brand. 

To impress your future client or talent in each of these touch-points, you have to build long-term automation using a CRM and deliver an impeccable user experience.

That’s why you need to deliver content that resonates the best with your audience and enable you to connect with the right talent and personas – (which is a visual representation of your ideal prospect.)

These profiles are paramount in deciding what kind of people you would like to hire for the vacancies you have to offer and attract and convert them.

To allow a clear understanding of the talent landscape in specific geographical areas, an in-depth talent mapping and a competitive landscape is mandatory.

Inbound marketing creates the authority of your brand, attracts buyers through content. Outbound marketing includes traditional marketing tools, such as radio advertising, mailing, polygraphy.

Using consumer marketing strategies tailored for recruitment help to increase recruiting teams effectiveness.


Paid Campaigns – PPC

Google AdWords Management and Remarketing. It would be best if you didn’t overpay for the clicks. 

Paid campaigns and especially remarketing can give you a competitive advantage and bring the desired results. It is also extremely cost-effective and results-driven when done correctly.

As part of recruitment marketing services, PPC campaigns is an innovative practice. If done correctly, it solves the issue of not getting results from outdated activities. An example is using job boards for generating more candidates and outbound sales activities for generating more leads. 

It takes time to build a custom audience, and you always need to track your website visitors to understand the flow and the engagement level. That’s why it is crucial to use a set of integrations like between google analytics and google ad words to provide accurate reports.

At Talent Brandly, we offer the most effective recruitment marketing services for your business that will show excellent results in the shortest terms. Push the button below and prepare to skyrocket your inbound sales and talent attraction.

Lets start a new project!

Don’t make a revolution, join the talent evolution. Think outside the box and start today using forefront recruitment marketing solutions.

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